Born in Barcelona (Catalonia, Spain). Graduated in Art History and in Modern and Contemporary History from the Universidad de Barcelona. She has been professor of Contemporary History at the Universidad de Lleida for more than thirty years (1982-2012) and also teached History of Catalan Culture in the Università degli Studi di Trieste (2004-2008).

She has had several publications on social History in contemporary times and Women’s History. Among these Pioneras y revolucionarias. Mujeres libertarias durante la República, la Guerra Civil y el Franquismo (Barcelona, Icaria Editorial, 2010. In Italian language: Pioniere e rivoluzionarie. Donne anarchiche in Spagna (1931-1975)), La mujer en la historia (Madrid, Anaya, 2012. Traduzione italiana dall’Editore Fenice 2000 di Milano) e Entre revolució i reforma. La CNT a Catalunya (1930-1936) (Lleida, Pagès Editors, 2004). Her works have been published in Catalan, Spanish, French and Italian.

During the 90’s she developed a personal vision of artistic practice, while attending painting courses of Laya Argemí in Barcelona and at Fundació Jaume Guasch (Castellterçol, Barcelona) (1990-1994). She followed the painting workshops held by the artist Giampaolo De Santi in Italy (Ricmanje, 2003-2008) as well as the courses held  by North American painter Dana Lynne Andersen (Asís, 2010-2014). A series of painting seminars in Trieste has brought her to experiment with different techniques and codes.

Since 2008 she has taken part in several personal and collective exhibitions in Italy, Slovenia and Croatia. Among these Mostra “…Itinere...”, curated by Tiziana Todi and Paolo Berti, Bomarzo (Viterbo) and Sant’Oreste (Roma), March-April 2014; Espansioni. Èvoluta, curated by Maria Campitelli and Elisabetta Bacci, Trieste (Italy), March-April 2013; Espansioni. Art Watching, Trieste (Italy), Rijeka, Pazin and Rovinj (Croatia) March-October 2012; the solo exhibition, presented by Giulio Montenero, Presenza nel tempo, Sala Comunale d’Arte “Negrisin”, Muggia (Trieste), July-August 2011, Il fondo della storia, Sala Alga, Izola (Slovenia), December 2014 and “Sentire la storia”, Spazio Espositivo Herrath, Trieste (Italia) March-April 2017.

Eulalia de Vega Masana


Pioneras y revolucionarias. Mujeres libertarias durante la República, la Guerra Civil y el Franquismo

La mujer en la historia

Entre revolució i reforma. La CNT a Catalunya (1930-1936)